Audhya Lab
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Postdoctoral Fellows
Michael Botts (2015-2017), currently a Research Scientist at Genus PLC

Qingtao Shen (2012-2014), currently an Assistant Professor at ShanghaiTech University

Christopher Baldi (2010-2011), currently a Research Associate at the NJ Institute of Technology

Jhuma Pramanik (2008-2009), currently a Research Scientist at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Graduate Students
Jonathan Mayers (2008-2012), currently a NSRA-funded postdoc, UW-Madison

Amber Schuh (2009-2013), currently a formulation chemist at Press Color Inc.

Adam Johnson (2011-2016), currently a postdoc at Harvard Medical School

Lei Wang (2012-2016), currently a postdoc at Harvard Medical School

Michael Hanna (2012-2017), currently a postdoc at Yale University

Erin McMillan (2013-2017), currently a scientist at Cellular Dynamics International

Sara Hempel, Research Technician (2008-2009)

Kristen Witte, Research Technician (2009-2011)

Kylee Morrison, Research Technician (2011-2013)

Allison Aul (2009-2010)

Jae Jang (2009-2010)

Kylee Morrison (2009-2010)

Sun Lee (2010-2012)

Caitlin Wolfgram (2011)

Katelyn Wees (2013)

Alexander Salmon (2010-2014)

Emily Baumann (2012-2015)

Elizabeth Wolff (2012-2014)

Parth Savsani (2013-2014)

Madhav Narayan (2014-2015)

Megan Gokey (2015-2016)

Casey Nelson (2015-2016)

Jennifer Bird (2014-2017)

Samuel Block (2016-2017)